How VITY Works

Advertisers post campaigns and recruit Influencers to share their campaign -- likewise -- Influencers may select campaigns that they’re recruited for and also apply for campaigns they would like to participate in. When a match is made, the terms are negotiated. Once the agreement is fulfilled, Advertisers input payment and Influencers are paid.

The Relationship

VITY provides Influencers and Advertisers access to each other for a variety of campaigns in multiple industries: fashion, fitness, health, entertainment, sports, beauty and many more... Influencers choose the campaign best suited for their audience.

They are not breaking the rules;
they are making up the rules as they go.

For Advertisers

VITY gives access to Influencers on core sites such as Vine, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube with other social platforms being added all the time. By taking a look at an Influencer’s profile and their online personality, Advertisers can be assured that the Influencer has a following aligned with the campaign’s target demographic. Here are just a few of the features:


Browse Influencers

Save to Favorites

Messaging Center

Manage your Account

Comprehensive Search

Secure Checkout (Stripe)

For Influencers

VITY gives Influencers the opportunity to connect with your followers in new & exciting ways. By accessing the Advertiser profile and the Campaign details, the Influencer can choose from a variety of brands & businesses across multple industries. Here are just a few of the features:


Browse Campaigns

Browse Advertisers

Save to Favorites

Messaging Center

Campaign Manager

View Campaign

Both Advertiser and Influencer benefit from the ease in which they can find each other by using the searchable database and online platform to communicate.

The Transaction > Escrow

Once a campaign relationship has been set up, the the transaction will go through an Escrow type process. This ensures the protection of both parties and allows timely and directed Campaigns, with no risk to the Advertiser or Influencer.

Getting Started

Setting up with VITY is easy and only takes a few quick steps. To get started register and DON'T FORGET to set up your profile. Then you’re ready to go!

VITY is just getting started! Register now to be a part of this exciting new Marketplace! The more the better!